WARNING: A Nuclear Disaster Has Never Been A Bigger Threat Than Right Now!

William Perry, Frmr. Scty. of Defense

"The likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe today is greater than it was during the Cold War... and the public is blissfully unaware!"

"Nuclear Survival Guide" Reveals How To Instantly Transform Your Home Into A Survival Fallout Shelter With No Expensive Equipment Or Special Skills!

WARNING: A Nuclear Disaster Has Never Been A Bigger Threat Than Right Now!

If you’re living anywhere within 280 miles of any of our country’s 327 DEFCON targets, then it’s critical you pay attention to every word of this urgent warning now. 

What I’m about to tell you is shocking proof that the government knows the Cold War is not over and a nuclear threat is imminent.  

And the dangers of a nuclear accident TODAY are nearly 300% greater than even in the days of Reagan because of 3 overlooked scenarios most Americans are completely clueless of, that I’ll tell you about in just a second. 

In fact, at the end of this short video I’ll show you how just one trip to Home Depot and one weekend of your time will guarantee your survival.  

And I’ll share with you EXACTLY what I’m personally doing to protect my own family. 

The government is ALREADY preparing for this devastating crisis and the solution I’ll share with you is the ONLY WAY for the average citizen to get the same protection as the wealthy elite and Washington politicians. 

First, here are the 3 critical DEFCON threat scenarios you and your family must be aware of: 

Strategic Nuclear Missile Assault From Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea

You already know that Iran and North Korea will never stop their attempts at building nuclear weapons to bring America to its knees. 

But what you may NOT know, is that government insiders and nuclear threat watch groups are FAR more concerned about the number of nuclear missiles that RUSSIA and CHINA are now aiming at the U.S.  

Many of these experts say that a planned attack is ALREADY coordinated to take place within the next 5 years, but could happen literally at ANY time, depending on changes in the world political and economic climate.  

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Triggered By A Natural Or Man-Made Disaster

The massive nuclear destruction unleashed in Fukushima, Japan was a shocking wake-up call of just how devastating a power plant accident can be to an entire section of the globe. And if you think a nuclear meltdown isn’t likely here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., think again.  

With over 50 active nuclear facilities and 8 more being built, the potential of a meltdown scenario is one the government has ALREADY started prepping for.  

They know that an earthquake – or even a simple extended “grid-down” blackout – could trigger a chain reaction meltdown unlike anything we’ve seen. 

In fact, Washington is already planning for a scenario that could affect more than 7 MILLION AMERICANS along the New Madrid fault line! But earthquakes and power grid blackouts aren’t the ONLY threats these plants face… 

Foreign Or Domestic Terror Attacks

The enemies of Freedom have taken notice at how easily a nuclear disaster can DEVASTATE an entire nation with radioactive food and water contamination.  

That’s why nuclear sites have extensive security teams to defend against a ground attack. 

But we’re living in a new age of terrorism that DOESN’T require a SUICIDE mission to cause a meltdown.  

A single line of computer code is the new suitcase bomb.

Digital terrorists are working 24/7 to hack their way “inside” a nuclear facility, where they can attack from far away, sitting behind their remote keyboard.  

Remember… a 15-year old KID once shut down NASA’s computers for 21 days – including equipment supporting the international space station. 

He also invaded a Pentagon weapons computer system and intercepted 3,300 passwords in the process. 

If a 15 year old can hack his way into our most guarded systems from his parent’s garage, don’t you think it’s only a matter of time before our ENEMIES plant a virus in the computers controlling a nuclear power plant, sabotaging the cooling systems to trigger a nuclear meltdown that could obliterate entire cities here in our country? 

Whether from a natural disaster or a tactical assault, when nuclear Armageddon happens, MILLIONS of American families will be hit hard. 

The initial blast will, unfortunately, be unavoidable.

Anyone living within a 5 mile radius of a primary nuclear site dies within seconds.  

And for those who survive, the world as you know it today will be gone. 

You and your family will face new dangers as the world crumbles around you. …and it will happen FAST.  

Instead of being surrounded by clean, fresh air… small particles of radioactive "fallout dust" and “black rain” will slowly destroy your body.

Access to uncontaminated food and water will be scarce, causing STARVATION among the masses.

Public FEMA camps and Red Cross shelters will become overcrowded.

Sicknesses will spread RAPIDLY from tight quarters and harsh living conditions.

In panic and desperation, people will turn to VIOLENCE to survive. Expect the biggest civil disorder in history, followed by aggressive martial law.

Those who were supposed to protect their families, will SHAME themselves for not being prepared in advance as they watch their families suffer and die - all because they didn’t take 1 weekend to follow the steps I’m about to share with you!

Don’t suffer with the rest of the population. 

If you live near ANY of these defcon threat areas, then preparing for a nuclear disaster is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. 

The Good News Is That Surviving A Nuclear Disaster Is Easy... IF You Know A Handful Of Insider Secrets...

Fortunately, we now know that the most dangerous effect of a nuclear disaster – radioactive fallout – dissipates within 2-3 weeks after contamination.

So, if you prepare in the right way… and obey some simple rules during this period… you and your family will not only “SURVIVE”… you’ll come out the other end as HEALTHY as you are now. 

Now obviously, “fallout bunkers” are the best solution – but the government stopped building these for citizens DECADES ago and those available to the public are tens of thousands of dollars, or reserved for politicians and the elite. 

The BETTER solution is to be able to QUICKLY transform a hidden area of your home into an INSTANT, improvised “fallout shelter”, so you can shield yourself at a moment’s notice from radioactive dust— WITHOUT having to rely on an underground bunker.

Sound difficult?  

It’s NOT!

Converting an area of your home into a “covert” fallout shelter that no one will notice is more doable than you think when you know some insider shortcuts.  

In fact, I feel SO strongly that you need to begin preparing for a nuclear threat right away, that our organization has partnered with SEVERAL leading experts to create a SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP nuclear survival guide that shows you NOT ONLY how to protect your family from contamination, but ALSO the EXACT steps and inexpensive supplies you need to QUICKLY prepare for this type of disaster. 

The guide we’ve developed is by FAR the BEST “how-to” manual EVER for protecting yourself and those you love when a nuclear disaster hits. 

Here's Just A Few Of The Nuclear Survival Secrets You'll Discover When You Download Your Guide Today:

The very best locations in and around your home to stage your own secret “improvised fallout shelter” WITHOUT digging a single shovel of dirt or revealing your plans or preps to those around you.

One STUPID mistake even “doomsday preppers” make. Most people NEVER realize this is a problem… yet it could RUIN everything and put your life in danger!

The proper way to set up a "containment area" within your fallout shelter. Being in a confined environment is a breeding ground for sickness… set your shelter up like this to isolate and treat the affected.

The 28 items you MUST have inside your shelter. Most are small and cheap but every one of them could save your life.

A simple, inexpensive household device that can replace a $5,000 air filtration system for less than 100 bucks and one trip to Home Depot. You just need to know how to use it to prevent you and those you love from breathing in radioactive dust.

15 foods that naturally help fight radiation. Stockpile these foods as soon as you read this, because finding them in the store after a disaster will be impossible.

Radiation detectors can cost hundreds of dollars but we’ll show you a simple way to measure the threat in your area and the food your family is eating, using materials you probably ALREADY have in your home.

6 things you need if you’re venturing outdoors that keeps radioactive material off your skin, and out of your eyes, nose and mouth.

A natural detoxing agent you can buy on the internet that helps you rid your body of toxins by absorbing them before they enter your bloodstream (it’s been proven to rid your body of toxins and may be the one thing that saves your life).

And remember…the last thing you want post destruction is a line of unprepared, desperate people knocking at your door. I’ll show you the best way to conceal your fallout shelter, and it has nothing to do with camo or being “sneaky”. In fact, being sneaky might attract attention. Using my way, you NEVER have to worry about someone knowing you have a stocked fallout shelter.

A nuclear disaster is one of the biggest threats our country faces and yet VERY FEW people are prepared.  

If you live near ANY of the 327 defcon threat zones, then I HIGHLY recommend you take the steps you need to NOW to keep you and your family safe. 

With the Nuclear Survival Guide we’ve created for you, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to transform your home to a safe “fallout shelter”, so you can protect yourself and your family at a moment’s notice — WITHOUT having to depend on the government. 

Go ahead and click the button on this page now to order your fast-action Nuclear Survival Guide before disaster strikes.  

And may God be with you.

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